Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa and his THE INDUSTRY MODEL MGMT is calling for an industry-wide fundamental change in how agencies operate and interact with models. 

THE INDUSTRY MODEL MGMT is deeply committed to be a leader in changes with regulations and transparency regarding contracts, working visas, payment, and taxes so that models have more control over their career in order to protect their present and future.

Furthermore, THE INDUSTRY MODEL MGMT is committed to:

  Providing Models with industry-wide standardized, easy-to-understand contracts that are equitable to both parties. Copies of contracts will be provided in full and signed by both parties.

Communicating clearly the scope of work for the Model and clear expectations by the Client. Making sure the Model is fairly treated by the Client and provided with appropriate rest time and food in a safe environment.

Paying models within 5-9 business days from receipt of payment but never to exceed 60 days from completion of invoicing, regardless of receipt of payment from Clients. No payment to models should be considered an advance, nor will INDUSTRY MODEL MGMT consider charging any advance fees.

Providing Models with a clear accounting statements with itemized payments and proof of expenses and deductions, along with complete transparency regarding what the total booking compensation is.

Educating Models on their legal rights, contractually and including understanding the 0-1 Visa process and significance, in the sense that is issued to the Model for her uniqueness and “only” sponsored by the Agency. A Model’s Visa is granted to them for their professional abilities and not directly to the sponsor Agency, and therefore it cannot be cancelled at will by the Agency. The Agency only has the right to revoke sponsorship. No duress of any kind will be exercised vis-à-vis the Model in regard to the outstanding Visa. The Model will have the opportunity to re-file for the same 0-1 Visa sponsored by another Agency.

Advocating that Models are shooting in productions which are in compliance with NYC Codes and properly insured studios or locations. As of now, and for the past 24 years, Pier59 Studios is the only full service studio in New York City that is fully compliant with all governmental agencies and can ensure all Models proper insurance coverage and safety. 

Not charging unreasonable fees while creating a hostile work environment for any Model taking action against their agency for material breach of contract. If a material breach of contract has occurred and not cured, then allow the Model to move and or transfer the visa to another Agency of choice.

By adopting this Models Bill of Rights, THE INDUSTRY MODEL MGMT is committed to treating models fairly and in a professional business manner.

We urge other agencies to follow suit. 

We are the voice of necessary change.